Lorena guide Better By Bike

Hello! I’m Lorena, born and raised in a little town just 15 kilometres away from Rotterdam. I have been living in Rotterdam since 2010. Meanwhile I also lived for several months in Barcelona and Nicaragua but I always like coming home, back to Rotterdam. Experiences abroad made me an open and flexible person. Besides this I’m always optimistic, honest and reliable.
Two years ago I did my first bike tour as a guide in Barcelona. For almost a year I was guiding people around in this fantastic city. Unfortunately I had to leave Barcelona to finish my studies. Last winter I went to Nicaragua for a while and when I returned home I needed a new challenge. I wanted to do something that gives me energy. I realised that I loved my job as a tour guide in Barcelona and that I always wanted to be an entrepreneur. Those two things together gave me the idea to start my own bike tour company in my beloved hometown Rotterdam.
The name Better By Bike comes from the fact that I always recommend other people to do a bike tour when they are in a new city. I really believe that you can see so much more of a city, and in a short time when riding a bike than by foot or using public transportation. I think it’s the best way to discover a city, especially Rotterdam. There are many different interesting parts of the city which are not always good connected by public transport, or they are too far apart to walk the distance between them. By bike is the easiest way to see all those amazing parts of the city.
What I love about Rotterdam is the mentality of the people, the architecture with a mixture of old and new and all the great new initiatives that are starting every day. This city has so much to offer. Giving tours is my way to share my passion for this city. I have no other wish than guiding tours that are a real addition to your visit, informative but also fun.
I hope to meet you soon!